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Circle of Life Consulting, Inc. offers a wide range of services related to age and aging for individuals, businesses and organizations. Our listing reflects the variety but is not exhaustive. We can customize our services to meet the needs of our clients.

Organizations and BUSINESS SERVICES

- Financial and Gerontological Consulting
- Strategic advice and planning on aging-related initiatives
- Develop of strategies for serving the needs of older adults
- Intergenerational Consulting
- Marketing Consulting
- Aging Awareness and Sensitivity/Anti-Ageism
- Housing, Development, and Universal Design Consulting
- Tailored Seminars, Workshops, Training and Coaching
- Presentations and Speakers Bureau
- Custom Research
- Product Design (R&D)
- Gerontological Certified Staff/Training
- Aging Workforce Issues
- Working Caregiver Issues
- Retirement Readiness
- Later Life Care Giving Solutions
- Community and Age Friendly Neighborhood Consulting
- Aging Population Consulting
- Project Design and Management Related to Aging


- Gerontological Life Coaching
- Financial Planning and Wealth Management in Later Life
- Geriatric Care Management/Counseling
- Retirement Planning
- Resilience Building
- Health and Wellness Intervention/Programs
- Legal and Generational Planning
- Cognitive Assessment
- Dementia and Memory Related Programming
- End of Life Planning/Care

Frame The Situation

Establish a clear description of the problem to be addressed. Investigate and identify effective ways to address the problem while maximizing opportunities for change.


Create a formal plan for addressing challenges and enhancing opportunities. Specify goals and determining measures of performance and antecedents for change.


Define specific actions steps for implementing solutions according to a timeline. Create plan for collecting data on efficacy and evaluation of performance plan.